Sebastian Vettel offers wholesome solution to F1 money debate that proves he was never in the sport for the riches

With a sport that requires so much financial investment, it is not tough to understand why money is such a central theme in the world of Formula 1.

From attracting the right drivers to aid a team in terms of sponsorships to limiting salaries to the level that is within its means, most F1 teams are eventually concerned about the money that they can make through participation.

With newfound interest in the sport and its ever-increasing popularity in the United States following the successful Netflix docuseries titled Drive to Survive, there is finally money to make in F1.

This explains why a number of other prominent names in the car business have shown an inclination to being in the most competitive motorsport competition going around.

To make the sport more accessible to more outfits, a budget cap has been introduced and next season might even see the introduction of a salary cap for drivers.

This has obviously led to many drivers expressing their dissatisfaction, as one would expect.

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel pointed out that the idea is fundamentally wrong.

“Isn’t it a funny coincidence that it’s the first time that teams can actually make money with racing in F1, and something like the salary cap for drivers pops up,” Vettel said.

“Just thinking… isn’t that funny?”

Vettel provides wholesome suggestion

Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

Vettel went on to clarify that he understood how this made it profitable for teams in the short and long-run, but offered an alternate to the proposed salary cap.

“Obviously, we have a budget cap now, which pushes the model towards earnings for all the teams,” Vettel said.

“I think maybe they should be capped in terms of having certain fixed earnings, and everything beyond that should, I don’t know, go to a certain pool to do great things with it and have a positive impact.”

This was just so wholesome and totally expected suggestion from Vettel.

In effect, he is suggesting that any excess money made should go to charities or any other beneficial causes that will help improve the condition of the less fortunate around the world.

Liberty Media may not love the idea, but we are definitely giving it a big thumbs up!

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