Vasseur reveals Raikkonen’s reaction to Alfa Romeo throwing in the development towel for 2021 car

Team Principal Frederic Vasseur revealed veteran driver Kimi Raikkonen’s reaction to Alfa Romeo writing off the 2021 season to focus on the upcoming one.

Alfa Romeo had a failure of a season in 2021. They finished ninth out of ten teams in the Constructors’ Championship standings. However, that may have been due to the team deciding to take their focus away from 2021 and pour all their resources into the 2022 season.

The decision naturally had its consequences, with Raikkonen and teammate Antonio Giovinazzi piloting a very average car. Add to that the lack of support, and it was clear that the entire season was dead rubber.

Vasseur revealed Raikkonen’s reaction to Alfa Romeo writing off the 2021 season, saying he was not very impressed.

“For sure, for Kimi, when he was at that stage of his career, perhaps it was not the choice that he was expecting,” the Alfa Romeo team boss told GP Fans., as quoted by Planet F1.

Kimi Raikkonen sitting on a sand dune. Abu Dhabi, December 2021.
Raikkonen (pictured) was not a happy man in 2021. Source:

“I can perfectly understand that when we have to take this decision it is from a company perspective or team perspective.”

Class act

When asked if the 2007 world champion was upset or frustrated with the team and Vasseur’s call, he replied in the negative, saying the Finn handled it like a consummate professional.

“No, because I think he’s professional enough to avoid doing something like this,” he continued.

“My job is to put myself in their shoes and I can perfectly understand that the guys, they are…it’s difficult for us on the pit wall or in the garage when you know that you won’t bring updates during the next 20 races.

“I can perfectly understand that from their side when they are in the car and they know we won’t bring updates.”

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