Horner ends favouritism debate by telling Verstappen and Perez only way they can establish superiority

After completing the signing of Sergio Perez ahead of the 2021 season, Red Bull can be proud of its driver line-up.

Team principal Christian Horner has said that the team will not prioritise any driver (read: Max Verstappen) as they look to mount a challenge to Mercedes, who have had a fair share of problems during pre-season testing.

Perez appeared comfortable in the new Red Bull and his experience will be the ideal foil to the eccentric and highly talented Max Verstappen.

Horner spoke about how the team is looking forward to the upcoming season.

“To do better than in 2020, we are building on the positives of 2020,” Horner said.

“Continuing the line of victory in the last race and maintaining the accompanying momentum. That was positive, hopefully we can perform strongly this year.”

Horner went on to say the Perez is a good addition to the team.

“Checo’s coming is nice. He’s very experienced and a great guy. The two drivers get along well and I think he adds something to the team, which is positive. Max and he work well together, they make a good combination.”

Horner was quick to point out that no preferential treatment will be given to any driver.

“The first is the one who drives in front. That has been the case for years. It has been that way for years. They get the same car and the same opportunities.”

While Red Bull has failed to significantly challenge Mercedes in recent years, their pre-season was far better than the Silver Arrows.

The Milton Keynes-based outfit will hope that this form will translate onto performances on the grid and especially early in the season, a period where they have traditionally struggled.

With the first Grand Prix in Bahrain less than two weeks away, it will be interesting to see if they can rattle Mercedes and make for an interesting battle at the top of the grid.

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