“I thought about what interests me”: In an attempt to rediscover glory years, Vettel finds a new calling

Sebastian Vettel has had a tough time on the grid recently. His performance at Ferrari eventually led to the team deciding to end its association with him.

With plenty of people calling for his retirement from the sport, claiming that he is past his best, the German has found a way to mute this noise.

Unlike other drivers, the German leads a highly secluded life and stays away from social media in order to maintain his privacy.

However, it seems that Vettel is slowly coming out of his private shell to reveal details that others didn’t know about.

The four-time world champion revealed that he had picked up an internship at an organic farm when the world was in lockdown. He revealed that when the lockdown was implemented, he thought hard about his interests.

“In the first lockdown, I had a lot of time. I thought about what interests me,” he said.

Also, apart from organic farming, Vettel has also been named as an ambassador for the BioBienenApfel project. This project works towards bee conservation by planting meadows of flowers. This project was launched by Austrian fruit trader, Frutura.

Vettel’s growth in F1 came to a standstill after the 2020 season and the misery continued to the 2021 season as well. Therefore, it is good that he finds solace outside the sport which is a good sign for better things to come on the track.

The German also revealed that his interest in organic farming grew because he wanted to learn about nutrition. He believes that consuming good quality food would bring out more power in his body.

“I came up with the idea of ​​going to an organic farm about nutrition,” he said.

“About the question of what you have to eat in order to eat healthier.

“I started to wonder how I can squeeze more power out of my body. Then I took the chance to just stick my nose in.”

Do you think Vettel’s off-track interests can bring a boost to this F1 career? Let us know in the comments below!

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