“People told me I was asking to get hurt”: Former fighter Leslie Smith reveals the dark side of UFC

Diego Sanchez has been making news headlines since his release from UFC. Yesterday, he revealed that he was concerned over the safety of his life. Sanchez was concerned that the UFC could make his murder look like an accident.

This comes after Sanchez has been involved in a feud with UFC over medical supplies. Recently, Sanchez has been critical of UFC’s alleged autocratic and cutthroat business practices.

But even before this, former UFC fighter Leslie Smith has raised her concerns over the organisation’s practices. She stated that such sentiments led to start Project Spearhead, which is an organisation that looks to unionise MMA fighters.

Smith also filed a legal complaint against the UFC regarding employee rights in 2018.

While many people are not ready to consider Sanchez’s concerns as a big threat but Leslie Smith thinks otherwise. She believes Sanchez has a good reason to be afraid. She even revealed the story of a dead prostitute to back her up.

She posted on Twitter saying, “When I was speaking against the UFC many people told me I was asking to get hurt and that I needed to watch my back.

“Lots of people brought up the time a dead prostitute was in the room next to BJ Penn before a title fight as an example of methods they’re not afraid to use.”

After her exit from UFC, Smith is currently competing for Bellator MMA and is scheduled for a fight with Cris Cyborg on May 21 at Bellator 259.

It would good to see Sanchez and Smith teaming up to bring about a change in the fighting community.

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