Single-Coin vs Multi-Coin Betting – How does it work?

Crypto casinos like use cryptocurrencies as a way to make bets and play winnings. That’s general knowledge, but they can do it in different ways depending on the preference of the casino itself and the games they host. In particular, they can specialize in just one (sometimes two) currencies or many of them.

You can play specifically Bitcoin slots or specifically tron dice or use several currencies to play different games. Even if a website supports dozens of cryptocurrencies, it’s still possible for you to only use Bitcoin or Ethereum games, because they often specify which currencies are supported by a particular game.

In short, you can approach this in any way you want, and there are actually upsides and downsides to either of these styles.

Does It Matter?

It’s a matter of convenience and financial benefit, but there aren’t any technical or other major advantages as far as an average bettor is concerned. It can still alter the way you go about betting, and it can be significant if you value time, and finances or generally strive to manage your betting as carefully as possible.

Single-Coin Betting

Single-coin betting refers to an approach, in which you only use one coin to make bets on a crypto casino. Some websites force you into this by not accepting any other coins besides what they support (usually Bitcoin, sometimes Ethereum). Others make it more pleasant to do so. But sometimes it may be better for you to only stick to one coin.

It means that you’ll probably restrict yourself from some games on the website, but it’s usually not a problem. People mostly just use a handful of specific games and ignore the rest. 

The main advantage is that you don’t need to buy several coins and manage each currency. You’ll have to manage them to a degree, and if you don’t feel like doing it at all, then it’s much better to just buy one single coin and roll with it, regardless of the minor restrictions a website might have.

Multi-Coin Betting

Multi-coin betting refers to an approach, in which you buy several distinct coins to bet with. It’s similar to creating to invest in crypto. Most coins out there support multiple cryptocurrencies for convenience and diversity, while only some restrict themselves to a single coin to make a specialization out of it.

In addition to the simple fact that you’ll open yourself to the majority of gambling content on the Internet by selecting several major cryptocoins (Bitcoin & Ethereum for starters), you’ll also be able to mitigate possible downfall in value, which can happen if you hold onto your coins for longer. In the current climate, it can decrease your coins.

It’s the same logic as applied with portfolios. You basically hope that one of them will do fine, even if the other one doesn’t. It’s a viable approach for people who want to keep the coins for longer than just one day of gambling. If not, any approach would do nicely, but you’ll have to spend a bit more time buying extra currencies, sending them to your wallet and managing them.

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