Kyrgios angry with Purcell for derogatory comments – “You clearly have no idea about entertainment and sport”

Australian Open doubles winner Nick Kyrgios was angry with Max Purcell for his comments after their match.

Kyrgios and teammate Thanasi Kokkinakis beat Purcell and Matt Ebden in the final. After the match, Purcell did not have kind words for his opponents, saying they were disrespectful towards them.

“All I’m saying is the way those boys are acting is extremely disrespectful to their opponents,” he said in a post-match interview. “I’m playing with good sportsmanship and having a good time. Not having the crowd yell profanity at my opponents and purposely distracting them in between points.”’

Kyrgios was left angry with Purcell for his comments, and proceeded to rip into him on his Instagram story.

“As for Max Purcell, you donut, regarding your comments after the match, you clearly have no idea about entertainment and sport,” he wrote, as quoted by Tennis World USA.  

“If you haven’t noticed, there’s a reason why people actually come to my matches, it’s because the level and my game are actually worth watching.

Nick Kyrgios to Max Purcell: You donut, people would rather watch paint dry than you
Kyrgios (pictured) had harsh words for Purcell. Source:

“Next time you lose another Slam final, you should just put your head down and try to figure out how to play the big points better, no need to slate other Aussies in the media because people would rather watch paint dry than your S&V game style.”

Unforgettable moment

Kyrgios also talked about his amazing victory with Kokkinakis, saying he would never forget it.

“I owe it to Kokk, the way he came out this summer and won that tournament, and I’m not gonna ruin like — we don’t know how many Oz Opens we’re going to play in the future due to injury or just deciding not to play,” he remarked.

“There was too much on it to do everything I could to play and play well, and look what happened. This is a memory that we are never going to forget.

“We are going to grow old, and we’re always going to, ‘Remember that time we rolled off the couch and just won Oz Open?’ Honestly.”

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