“Toto saw it differently”: James Allison reveals how Wolff helped him find job despite calling it quits

James Allison is well known for serving the role of technical officer for Mercedes F1 since 2017. However, due to a recent restructuring of the team, Allison was led to believe that his time at the Silver Arrows was up.

Fortunately, he will be taking up the post of chief technical officer starting from July 1st.

Allison has done his best for the team and helped them win every championship since joining in 2017. He is hoping that the team will win their eighth consecutive title this year.

In an interview with The Race, Allison said, “When I felt that this was the right thing for me and the best thing for the team to step away, I very much thought that I would be stepping away to my sofa to cheer the team from the sidelines as a punter.

“I didn’t imagine that there would be a space for me in the team, having relinquished this brilliant job. Happily, Toto saw it a little differently. And between us we worked on the manner in which I could contribute to the team.”

He said he was proud of his achievements during his time at the Silver Arrows.

I know that it’s the right thing to do. It’s a brilliant job. But it is definitely the right thing for me. And it’s definitely the right thing for the team. And the second of those two is the more important.

“But I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to look back on this gilded period that I’ve been lucky enough to have late in my F1 career and just think how lucky.

“I was to fall in with this group of people at this time, and be the technical director in what is arguably the most successful and amazing Formula 1 team that has ever been.”

With pole position secured by Lewis Hamilton, do you think it will be an easy ride for Mercedes on Sunday? Let us know in the comments below!

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