Williams may end deal with Mercedes and have its own customer team

Williams F1 has enjoyed Mercedes power for 7 years now while it is not a traditional customer team to the Silver Arrows.

It is worth pointing out that the team itself has never pondered the idea of having a junior team like Red Bull does. However, according to the new CEO Jost Capito, all of this could soon change.

Capito was appointed CEO of Williams F1 around a month ago, but he has already announced his lofty ambitions.

He believes that once it has stabilised itself, the team could look into the prospect of having a customer team.

“At the moment we have to solve our issues and have to get ourselves back [up the grid] and therefore I will give full attention and focus on really getting the team back to where it belongs,” Jost said.

“If we are on the way [up] and this is all working and running properly, then I think you can think about other options, but not now.”

Williams has struggled in Formula 1 lately and it will be keen to establish itself once again, or at least compete for a midfield battle soon.

For a team with such a rich history in the sport, they have just managed to take one point in the last two seasons.

It is no secret that the new owners are willing to invest more money than in recent years, but this may not yield immediate success.

While it is always risky to draw too much from pre-season testing, the fact that George Russell set the 6th quickest lap time will augur well for the team’s morale.

The team will hope it can somehow find a way to stay off the bottom of the grid in the immediate future.

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