Antoine Walker – The professional sportsperson who was an ardent lover of casinos and gambling

Many professional sports persons have indulged in the world of gambling. Like many others, they too like to enjoy betting on sports apart from the ones they professionally participate in. One such sport personality is former American professional basketball player Antoine Walker.

When did Walker’s interest in gambling begin?

Walker played in the NBA from 1996 to 2008. He has played for various basketball teams in the USA, such as Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and a few others. 

However, his personal life has been through quite some turmoil due to his flamboyant lifestyle and over-indulgence in gambling. He was charged with three felonies in three casinos in Las Vegas, one of them being at Caesars Palace. Maybe that’s why you need to select your games properly by reading reviews on

  • Walker was arrested on July 15, 2009, for gambling debts over $800,000 and had entered a plea of not guilty on June 30, 2010. 
  • He was then put on probation to work towards clearing all his debts. 
  • Finally, in August 2013, Walker was debt free after filing for bankruptcy in Miami after losing total assets worth $4.3 million and debts worth $12.7 million, four properties, and his championship ring. 
  • Walker, as he explained, was not so much of a casino buff until the NBA All-Stars weekend in Las Vegas, 2007.
  • He had also not been too keen on online gambling at online casinos. 

He would spend at least 5 weeks training in Vegas with other players, where they would work out twice a day and spend the nights the Vegas way.

Having been a big player at Caesars Palace, he had a big credit line at the casino. He played there almost every day. Just before leaving for South Lake Tahoe to play in the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic, Walker had a $1 million debt making him find out about a way to pay back to the casino.

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This was how he came to like gambling, where he lost $4 million while he was actively gambling before getting arrested in 2009 for his gambling debts. 

Although the police were out to arrest Walker, he never really got arrested as he paid $135,000 on the spot to buy him time to pay the rest back. He also shared an intense gambling experience with Michael Jordan, another casino buff, where they gambled for straight 36 hours on Spades, and the money put on the bet at one point went up to seven figures.

What is Antoine Walker net worth and the impact of his gambling addiction?

Antione Walker’s net worth was $108 million at the end of his 13-year-old basketball career. After losing it all and going bankrupt in the following two years, he managed to bounce back in life. 

He accepted the fact that getting back on his feet meant he would not have the same life as he did when he was in the NBA. But at least he could manage a decent lifestyle. He is now a consultant with Edyoucore, which is a financial literacy company that helps sports athletes manage their money wisely and overcome the addiction to wealth fascination. 

Many live chat programs have invited Walker to reveal what had happened to him due to gambling and guide people towards a healthier financial approach in life. At present, he has an estimated net worth of $250,000, according to gambling expert and author Ella Houghton. 

Antoine Walker stats led him to huge success and fame during his career, but his gambling habits affected it. 

Antoine Walker D league

Antoine Walker was pretty big during most of his basketball career but slowed down towards the end while playing for Idaho Stampede in the NBA Development League in 2010. He came off the bench in the closing twenty minutes to score 6 points for the team in the D league finals.

Following the finals, Walker decided to retire from his basketball career while at its peak. 

  • Walker was a veteran basketball player for 12 NBA seasons 
  • He averaged 17.5 points, 7.7 rebounds, 
  • He also had 3.5 assists in 893 games. 
  • He also played alongside Michael Jordan in the 2002 All-Star game in Philadelphia.

Where is Antoine Walker now?

After retiring from his basketball career, Antoine Walker is now a basketball analyst on FS1. Although Walker lost all of his money and assets and went bankrupt, he managed to pull himself up again and change his life for a simpler and better lifestyle. 

Final thoughts

Antonie is eager to help people understand the world of gambling to avoid addiction and ensure safe and sound ways to indulge in the same.

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