“This motherf**ker is crazy”: Bam Adebayo can’t help but laugh after Udonis Haslem’s ejection

On Thursday night, the Miami Heat took on the Philadelphia 76ers. Udonis Haslem, now in his 18th NBA season, made his season debut with the Miami Heat.

However, things escalated as the 40-year-old veteran got into a squabble with Sixers’ Dwight Howard which resulted in his ejection.

Udonis Haslem finished with 4 Pts on 2/2 FG in 3 minutes of playing time. Teammate Bam Adebayo reacted to Haslem’s ejection, calling it a “teachable moment”.

“You, this motherf**ker is crazy!” Adebayo said with a laugh.

“I was like, ‘UD, you can’t get tossed in your first four minutes, bro. How long was he in the game? Four minutes? Three! Three minutes, and you get tossed!

Adebayo had a ‘big brother’ moment

“I [Bam Adebayo] said, ‘OG, You [Udonis Haslem] taught me a lot. You never teached me to get tossed in three minutes… it was kind of like a big brother moment, but I got to be big bro that time, you know?

“So it was a good moment for me. It was like a teaching lesson. Just don’t get tossed in the first three. You can get the first tech, and then wait till the second half to get the other one. Momentum swings.”

Udonis Haslem, who is in his 18th NBA season, has taken on more of a coaching role with the Heat. His primary focus is working with the young players and developing their skills.

Haslem, when asked about his ejection said, “If this is the last one, I finished it the only way Udonis Haslem could.”

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