“Being a fighter has helped me become a better father”: Robert Whittaker gives MMA due credit

Aside from being one of the best fighters in the UFC, former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker is also a devoted father to four children. Whittaker is well-known for his desire to spend time with his children whenever possible.

Whittaker took to Twitter to share a cute video of himself ‘arming’ his sons with rapid knees before pushing them to the floor. The little guys seemed to be attempting a double-team offence on their father, but Whittaker proved to be too powerful for them. The children seemed to be having a great time with the game.

Whittaker on his experience as a fighter

In an interview with The Father Hood, Whittaker discussed how his experience as a fighter has aided him as a father. He said that nothing beats coming home after a long day and seeing his children happy.

Whittaker said, “Being a fighter has definitely helped me as a man and as a father. I’ve had to do a lot of soul-searching on my journey to become a martial artist. There is nothing more exposing and humbling than getting your ar*e handed to you.

“A lot of fighters get very swept up in the limelight and they start to change who they are. Whereas I know who I am and I know what counts. There’s nothing better then coming home after a hard day and seeing my kids’ little smiles.”

Whittaker also shared how his children help to keep him grounded.

He said, “The biggest thing that having kids has taught me as a fighter is that you’re really nothing special. When I came home with the world-champ belt my son just looked at me and dragged me to his LEGO set.

“He didn’t care about the belt, he didn’t care about the fight, he just wanted me to play LEGO. That’s humbling in a sense that it makes you realise there are lots of people out that don’t like watching fights, and they don’t care either – you’re a nobody to them. It makes you wake up a bit.”

‘The Grim Reaper’ Whittaker will defend his middleweight title against the winner of UFC 263’s main event. He was supposed to fight Adesanya before Vettori, but was unable to make the June date set by the promotion.

So, Whittaker will have to wait until the winner of UFC 263 to find out who he will face for the title.

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