Dan Hardy predicts the outcome of the upcoming McGregor vs Poirier bout – “He’s more likely to win”

UFC announcer Dan Hardy recently revealed that he believed Conor McGregor is in for a victory at the long-awaited trilogy with Dustin Poirier on UFC 264.

Hardy believes that McGregor will win the match against his competitor. Speaking on the Real Quick With Mike Swick podcast, Hardy said, “If he would’ve beaten Poirier the second time, I’d pick Poirier the third time because McGregor wouldn’t be as interested. But because he’s coming off a loss, I think he’s more motivated and I think he’s more likely to win the next one around.”

Hardy claimed that the over-confidence of McGregor led to the demise of the former double champion during his second rematch with Poirier. Poirier attacked McGregor’s lead leg at UFC 257 with low kicks to impede the mobility of the Irishman and to reduce his pointed power.

“I think he took Poirier a little lightly because he stopped him so early the first time around. And I don’t think he credited Poirier with being a different animal,” Hardy said.

“I don’t think he credited Poirier with his adaptability to be able to find a way to beat McGregor. So he just went back to, ‘I’ll just counter-punch with my left. I’ll come over his jab and catch him with my left. Because that seemed to be the only and the main game plan which is what left his lead leg vulnerable.”

Poirier attacked McGregor’s lead leg at UFC 257 with low kicks to impede the Irishman’s mobility and reduce his pointed power.

When is the Dustin Poirier going to face Conor McGregor?

The Poirier vs McGregor rematch will be scheduled at UFC 264 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, 10 July.

This rivalry originated in 2014 at UFC 154. In the first round of their featherweight match, McGregor defeated Poirier.

Six years later, Poirier took his vengeance at UFC 257. In the second round of their lightweight encounter, ‘The Diamond’ secured a TKO victory against McGregor.

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