Ex-girlfriend of Bayern Munich star Boateng mysteriously found dead a week after breakup

Bayern Munich confirmed that Jerome Boateng has flown back to Germany after learning about the death of his ex-girlfriend. Kasia Lenhardt was found dead on Tuesday night a week after the couple reportedly ended their relationship.

To make matters worse, it was on the birthday of their son.

MailOnline has claimed that the 25-year-old Lenhardt was found dead at an apartment owned by Boateng. The death has not been treated as suspicious by the police, according to the report.

Following regular disagreements and fights between the couple, the relationship ended a week ago according to sources.

Kasia had previously claimed that she was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Boateng and that he had been cheating on her.

Boateng had earlier denied these allegations.

A friend of Kasia has further alleged that Lenhardt took her own life.

Last Tuesday, a separation was announced following 15 months that the couple had been together.

Boateng is in Munich after leaving the Bayern squad that is set to feature in the FIFA Club World Cup.

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