Alonso happy with FIA looking into more racing in US – “I don’t see a problem with that”

Fernando Alonso is happy with the FIA for looking into the possibility of having more racing in the US.

F1 is set to race this weekend in the US at the US GP, which will be held in the land of Austin. The sport will also introduce the Miami GP in time, which will make it two races in America.

The FIA is investigating the possibility of having three races in the country at some point. Alonso is happy with the FIA for looking into that possibility, and gave various suggestions for cities he would like to race at.

“I guess so, I don’t see a problem with that,” Alonso told

“The US is probably the biggest target for F1 right now with Liberty in charge of the sport.

Alonso happy with rumours: 'Let's see one step at a time'
Alonso (pictured) wants to race more in America. Source:

“There are rumours it could happen in different places, Las Vegas or Indianapolis or whatever, so let’s see one step at a time. But let’s make a good grand prix in Miami next year first.”

Alonso will be in action at the US GP. The race wasn’t held in 2020 due to the surging COVID-19 cases in the country. It will be raced at COTA, a track that has come under controversy recently for being unsuitable for racing.

Alonso vs FIA

It is good to see Alonso agree with the FIA on something. They had been caught in a minor conflict for a few weeks, where Alonso accused the stewards for being partial towards some drivers, especially the English ones.

FIA Race Director Michael Masi had hit back at Alonso, saying that there is no such treatment handed out to anyone.

The war of words seems to have died down now, and hopefully Alonso will be on the FIA’s good books after this.

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