Audi buys McLaren to complete F1 entry

Audi have bought McLaren to complete their F1 entry, as first reported by Autocar.

A report from the automobile publication states that the German automobile manufacturer has taken over the McLaren group in a bid to enter F1, after the latter had initially rejected a deal. The deal will give the company complete control over the McLaren F1 team.

With McLaren struggling financially, the deal will come as good news for the Woking manufacturer. The struggles were present despite them being funded with £500 million last year. However, with this deal, they can still continue with racing and other ventures with the funding taken care of.

McLaren insisted that there was no change in their management. For the four-ringed brand, the deal is a landmark one, and could open up the doors for collaborations the likes of which haven’t been seen before.

As a result, the news that Audi have bought McLaren to complete their F1 entry is monumental, and something that could change the landscape of the sport.

McLaren 570S vs 911 Turbo S vs Audi R8 V10 Plus | Top Gear
McLaren may now have a German touch. Source:

Solo German attention

Audi weren’t the only German giant trying to buy McLaren. There were reports that BMW were also eyeing a deal to purchase a controlling stake in McLaren Automotive. However, the Bavarian manufacturer shut those rumours down quickly.

BMW were reported to be interested in buying Bahrain’s wealth fun Mumtalakat, which controls McLaren. This news was doing the rounds until a BMW spokesman called the article and its contents incorrect.

This opened the door for rival Audi to swoop in and claim the yard. The Volkswagen Group’s interest in F1 has been well-documented, and both Audi and Porsche were reported as trying everything to enter the sport.

Both manufacturers were trying to secure their entry into F1. Porsche is still going about their business, but it looks like Audi might be the newest entrant on the F1 grid.

Given their illustrious history in motorsports, it will be exciting to see what Audi brings to the table. With the history and following of McLaren to bank on, it will be an interesting couple of years.

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