Canadian traffic police uses Max Verstappen F1 reference in hilarious tweet to ensure road safety for civilians

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) of Alberta has come up with a unique way to remind civilians of their duty of following traffic rules, more specifically the speed limit.

The Formula 1 brigade heads to Melbourne for the third race of the 2022 season. Last time out, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took top honours in Saudi Arabia.

The Provincial Court of Alberta has already recorded many speeding cases so far this year.

To remind locals that they should do their best to follow the speed limit, they came out with a witty tweet.

“Sorry to break it to you, but Alberta roads are not Formula 1 closed street circuits and you aren’t Max Verstappen. Slow down, drive the posted speed limit and help everyone get home safely,” the police department tweeted.

A user chimed in, asking if Max Verstappen himself would be exempt from following these rules if he ever visited the area.

“So are you saying if Max Verstappen came to Alberta he would be exempt from the traffic laws? ? Lol,” they commented.

RCMP under fire for change in traffic laws

This huge spike in speeding offences in Alberta comes at a time when there are been widespread criticism regarding its new traffic laws.

Following January, those who violate rules on the road can no longer appeal against the fine they receive in court.

A local spoke about how it was an abolition of the justice system in Canada and everything the country stands against.

“Everything that people think about in a court system: innocent until proven guilty, gone. You’re now guilty until proven innocent,” he said.

“Case law that’s been established, gone. Judicial oversight, gone. Crown discretion, gone.”

Canada will soon brace for its first F1 race in two years as the teams will arrive in Montreal for the ninth race of the season.

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