Disney+ to rival Netflix’s Drive to Survive with ‘most unbelievable’ F1 four-part docuseries

Disney+ looks set to rival Netflix with its very own Formula 1 docuseries which will follow the story of Brawn GP and the 2009 season, former F1 driver Jenson Button confirmed on his Twitter account.

Liberty Media has opened the doors to a huge influx of new fans through licensing Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

However, many of the new fans may not know much about this story, while for the purists it remains one of the most gripping events in modern motorsport racing.

The story will follow the start of the 2009 campaign, when Honda had just pulled out of the sport and left Button without a seat just days before the season began.

Through Ross Brawn, the outfit was renamed Brawn GP and Button was afforded a chance to continue his career.

It was always going to be a stop-gap arrangement, but the performance of the team took everyone by surprise.

How well did Brawn GP perform?

Brawn GP. Credit: motorsport.com
Brawn GP. Credit: motorsport.com

Having started the season with limited expectations, Brawn GP attained a cult following through its performances on the track.

The car built by Honda surprisingly turned out to be the fastest one going around after it had taken full advantage of a loophole in the regulations.

It was a remarkable year for the team and for Button personally, with the end result seeing them win the constructors’ championship and drivers’ championship thanks to eight race wins.

Red Bull did manage to close the gap through the second half of the season, but there was little doubt where the championship was headed.

It might be easier for new fans to find a connection in what followed.

The outfit was bought over by Mercedes and the Silver Arrows went on to dominate the sport in the following years.

The documentary will be divided into four parts, with Button’s announcement being met with huge excitement on social media.

“Exciting news!” he said

“I’ve been working on a four-part series for Disney+ called ‘Brawn: The One Pound Formula 1 Team’ covering the incredible F1 Championship Season of 2009.

“You don’t want to miss this one, coming soon to DisneyPlus.”

For Hollywood fans, there is further good news in store as the story will be narrated by Keanu Reeves and will feature a host of interviews from prominent team members.

With the raging success of Drive to Survive, Disney+ certainly won’t want to fall behind and the early signs are that this docuseries will have all the drama associated with a real blockbuster.

The route of looking into some of the other fabled stories in the sport is perhaps Disney+’s best shot at appeasing audiences, as Netflix seems to have a monopoly over the modern-day F1 field.

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