Red Bull and Porsche deal hits roadblock days before deadline for new F1 entrants – “Cinderella’s already buggered off”

Red Bull is still quietly optimistic that it can get its deal with Porsche over the line just in time before the deadline for new entrants joining F1 in 2026 passes.

Perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in F1 has been Volkswagen companies Audi and Porsche entering F1.

While they were initially rumoured to be interested in providing powertrains to existing teams on the grid, it has become clearer over recent weeks that they plan to join as separate entities.

Starting from 2026, Audi will work as a works team with a deal to purchase majority stake at Sauber and takeover the team believed to be in the pipelines.

The case of Porsche is believed to be far more complex though.

While their trademark of “F1nally” was believed to signal the entry of Porsche into the sport as 50 per cent owners of Red Bull technologies, there is a slight catch in the transaction.

Red Bull is believed to be concerned about the stake that Porsche is looking to buy in its company with a growing belief that such a vast number of stocks could dilute Red Bull’s say in affairs.

If the deal does go through, Porsche is set to provide powertrains both for Red Bull and its sister team AlphaTauri.

This would see them operating out of Red Bull’s new factory that is located in Milton Keynes and the team is worried that there might be too much intrusion with such a substantial stake.

It will, after all, lead to Porsche having a vote at the table.

There is also another element which is perhaps the most pressing one.

If Porsche is to do any deal for 2026 entry, it needs to lodge all paperwork very soon or it will miss the FIA deadline.

Red Bull management gives conflicting statements

Helmut Marko. Credit:
Helmut Marko. Credit:

Red Bull boss Christian Horner almost seems to have given up hope that a decision can be reached in the stipulated timeline.

“It’s 10 past midnight and Cinderella’s already buggered off,” Horner said.

“So it’s tight, but that’s Formula 1 and that’s some of the creativeness and drive that happens within the teams.

“It’s going to be exciting to see more power unit manufacturers on the grid for 2026.”

Red Bull technical advisor Helmut Marko believes talks are still ongoing between the two parties.

“He’s premature, the talks are not over yet,” said the Austrian of Duesmann’s comment.

“But Formula 1 is booming in such a way that it is a logical step for every self-respecting car manufacturer.”

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