Gary Anderson baffled by Verstappen’s wing setup at Spa

Gary Anderson is baffled by Max Verstappen’s wing setup at Spa.

The Spa circuit, which hosts the Belgian Grand Prix, is a tricky circuit to navigate. The setup a driver chooses between straight-line speed and the twisty second sector. Moreover, rain changes the complexion of the race, as downforce will be preferred.

Extra downforce is required at a track like this one, especially with expected mixed conditions. It is required to carry more speed into corners and maintain tyre temperature. With the tyres set for switching, the ability to channel energy into the tyres can make or break races.

As a result, Anderson was baffled by Verstappen’s wing setup at Spa. He expressed his opinions on his surprise call, and stated why he thought that was confusing.

“I am surprised to see Red Bull running such a trimmed-out rear wing throughout the weekend,” Anderson said in his column for The Race.

“While it opted not to run the Monza-style lowest-downforce rear wing, it still went for an option that meant it was carrying less than Mercedes.

“While we know the Red Bull has more downforce than most of the field – it’s probably the highest-downforce car – but that low-downforce rear wing will have made it difficult for him in qualifying.

“You can go backwards very fast at Spa and while Verstappen could do it over one lap, I would be very concerned at the set-up choices Red Bull has made. Yes, it should mean he has the straightline speed to fend off others or overtake, but keeping it on the road and not making a mistake will not be easy.”

Not always a foregone conclusion in the wet’

Anderson also explained what he thinks the pros and cons of the Dutchman’s setup were.

“Having the trimmed out rear wing will help the straightline performance, but that’s also dependent on carrying the speed off Eau Rouge and Radillon,” Anderson said.

“In the wet, that’s not always a foregone conclusion, especially if you have tyre temperature problems – something that you could face if it’s a restart after a safety car period,” he concluded.

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