Mazepin confident of great 2022 – “I am like wine, I get better with age”

Nikita Mazepin insisted that he is confident of having a great 2022, saying that he always takes time to settle at a new team.

Mazepin had a terrible rookie season riddled with below-average performances on track and controversies off it. He was routinely outperformed by his teammate and was always slower than everyone else on the grid.

In fact, he was more often than not a track hazard for the other drivers. His slow pace meant he was a pain for drivers trying to lap him, especially when he never actually nailed the blue flag rules half the time.

Nevertheless, Mazepin insisted that he is confident of having a great 2022, and assured fans that he would step it up next season.

“I used to not be able to restart my season in the middle,” he told

“To be fair, it also has to be said that the seasons were much shorter. If you only have nine races, you have a lot fewer attempts. When you have 23 races you have a lot more tries. I am happy with the way it is going though.”

Nikita Mazepin smiling. Austin October 2021
Mazepin (pictured) is excited for 2022. Source:

Aged like wine?

“Definitely! I’m like wine, I get better with age!” he said when asked if time makes him better.

“When I look at my career – if the car suits me and the setup is right, then I can be quick right away. But I need some time to get the car, the team and myself to function as a complete package until we can make the breakthrough.

“For me it’s like this in life: you have to look at the bottom line. The bottom line is that I avoid accidents. I don’t have many accidents on the track or retirements due to my own mistakes. And I defended the position.

“Ultimately, that’s what racing is all about. I already learned that in my karting days – even if I don’t have the speed, I won’t leave the door open. I try to fight,” he concluded.

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