McLaren reveals problems with 2022 regulations – “Shame we’re trying to adapt to the cost cap era”

McLaren revealed their problems with the 2022 regulations, taking exception to some of its parameters.

The 2022 technical regulations promise to alter the rulebook on a level not seen since the 2009 season. To put it into perspective, almost every element of the 2021 cars will change, with only the turbo-hybrid engine and some other parts staying.

Given the magnitude of the change, teams started working in the middle of the 2021 season itself. It will be a clean slate for everyone involved when the new one begins, but some issues have started coming up already.

McLaren revealed their problems with the 2022 regulations and said that there were some things they were unhappy about.

Speaking to, McLaren Technical Director James Key said, “It’s a shame that we live in a world where we’re trying to adapt to the cost cap era.

“We have (fewer) things like less wind tunnel and CFD time, for example, and that sort of thing. So that’s kicked in almost a year too early! And that was never the intention of the SATS (sliding scale aerodynamic tests).

“So I think those added complications have made probably the biggest blank sheet of paper we’ve had with a Formula 1 car in my memory – which is like 25 seasons now.”

McLaren are cautious about the 2022 regulations. Source: RN365

The next step

“To come with additional constraints and restrictions, it’s always nice to have the full freedom to do these things,” he continued.

“But that’s not right with the ethos of the cost cap, so the fact that everyone has got that challenge, I suppose, is a good thing.

“I think you’re gonna have probably a familiar pecking order, there’s probably going to be some surprises one way or the other, (but) not necessarily at the first race.

“The first race isn’t going to be representative. I think, as the season pans out, we’ll see that shifting around,” he concluded.

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