Mercedes F1 captures the imagination with a novel gesture to terminally ill fans inspired by Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 has attracted so many new fans to the sport in recent years as a result of its breathtaking action.

All teams understand the importance of these fans as they are the ones who eventually shape the future direction it takes.

The F1 calendar is ever increasing with more and more circuits keen to be part of the community amidst what is the biggest following the sport has ever enjoyed.

Mercedes is undoubtedly one of the most popular teams on the circuit and its recent track record has been stellar.

It boasts the likes of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and upcoming driving sensation George Russell.

Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes has 4.2 million followers on its social media platform.

Perhaps why the number of followers keeps growing is not only due to the performances of the team on the circuit.

Rather, it owes a lot to the spirit and ethics that the company upholds.

This became all the more evident recently when Mercedes F1 made a heartwarming gesture to a fan who had shared some unpleasant health news about herself.

With her cancer now reaching stage 4, she confessed that her days were numbered.

However, she took inspiration from Lewis Hamilton, tagging him and writing ‘Still I rise in a social media post.

Mercedes’ social media specialists were on their game and were quick to call her to their factory ahead of the Hungarian GP in an all-expense-paid trip.

The fan was understandably elated to be granted this opportunity.

Following this, the Mercedes account was hailed by a number of F1 fans, who felt the move was commendable.

One fan insisted that it is these small things that teams do that help them identify and connect with the team better.

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