Raikkonen takes shot at F1 management – “They are not interested in our opinion”

Retired driver Kimi Raikkonen took a shot at F1, saying that the sport doesn’t care about the drivers and their opinions.

The Finn retired from the sport at the end of the 2021 season after an illustrious career. 349 race starts, 103 podium finishes, 21 wins and a world championship later, he hung up his helmet and rode off into the sunset. He was also the last driver to become champion with Ferrari.

The Iceman left F1 with his head held high and with no regrets. However, he seems to have some pent-up frustrations with the sport, with some of it coming out recently.

Raikkonen took a shot at F1 in a recent interview, saying that the sport just takes decisions without anyone’s opinions.

Speaking to Sport Bild in his first sit down interview, when asked what the difference was between his debut and his final race, Raikkonen said, “Today the cars are much more reliable.

“In my early years, every race was like gambling in the casino. You never knew what you would get that day and whether you would even cross the finish line.

Raikkonen (pictured) had some choice words for the sport he left. Source: Getty Images

“But it doesn’t matter whether you like the development or not. We drivers don’t make decisions about the rules or where we race. We are only employees of the teams, just like mechanics. Formula 1 is not interested in our opinion.”

Winds of change

When asked if the sport as a whole has changed over the years, the former Lotus driver replied, “Since it is still a matter of driving the car in circles as fast as possible, yes.

“We now drive a few more races a year and also in new countries but in the end, it’s about 20 drivers in 20 cars.

“Much has changed in the past 20 years. Especially with social media, but that’s the way it is all over the world and not just in F1. Fans can now see almost everything which tends to be too much. I can only repeat myself: the drivers are only employees.”

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