Ricciardo sends open warning to Ferrari – “I like having a target and something to chase”

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo sent a warning to Ferrari, saying that he and his team were coming for revenge in 2022.

Ferrari defeated McLaren and took P3 in the Constructors’ Championship by staging a second-half comeback. The two most successful teams in F1 history will return to the battlefield next year to race under new regulations, and they will be hoping to outdo the other.

With both teams having title aspirations and the new regs providing a reset to the grid, fans’ ultimate dream in a Ferrari versus McLaren battle for P1 could actually happen. The Australian is among those fans with the dream, and stated that he would love nothing more than being a part of that.

Ricciardo sent a warning to Ferrari, saying that their team were firmly in the crosshairs of his for the new season.

“That it’s Ferrari, from the outside it’s a cool story that these two teams have had a few low years as two of the biggest teams ever,” the eight-time race winner said, as quoted by f1i.com.

Ricciardo (pictured) is eager for a rematch with Ferrari. Source: XPB

“And now they’re coming back and they’re fighting it out. If only it was for P1! I think that’s really the story I’m sure many fans want.”

Should be in the mix

“It’s always better when you’ve got something to fight for,” Ricciardo continued.

“If we’re in this lonely battle for third and Red Bull and (Mercedes) were too far in front, Ferrari was too far behind, I think it would be less exciting.

“I like having a target and something to chase, so that’s been good. And for sure we’ve focused some of our stuff on them and just obviously trying to beat them, but that’s probably more of a team thing.”

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