Mazepin reveals Russell-Vettel Whatsapp group heartbreak on the same day as Haas sacking

Former Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin was far from the most deserving candidate for the Haas seat.

However, owing to his father’s company’s sponsorship to Haas, he was granted a seat at the team alongside Mick Schumacher.

Although he was unable to perform on the track, finishing 21st in the drivers’ standings in his debut year in the sport, the reasons for his dismissal were not purely based on his results.

The political tension between Russia and Ukraine meant that Haas decided to end its deal with sponsors Uralkali. With his father Dmitry no longer in the picture, Haas swiftly decided to sack Nikita and replace him with Kevin Magnussen ahead of the 2022 season.

This undoubtedly soured relations between Nikita and Haas.

It wasn’t just Haas that looked at him with cold eyes though.

Mazepin has revealed that he was removed with immediate effect from the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association WhatsApp group.

This Whatsapp group is headed by George Russell and Sebastian Vettel.

What happened the day Mazepin got sacked?

Nikita Mazepin. Credit:

Nikita spoke about how things came tumbling down that day.

“To be honest, I was removed from the GPDA group on WhatsApp the same day Haas announced his firing,” he said.

“Of course, I received the support of my companions. Several well-known drivers who are now in the ‘top 5’ have written me private messages. Some decided to support me publicly, others to remain silent. But I’m not judging anyone.”

Since his removal from the team, Haas has seen far greater consistency from Magnussen. The Danish driver already has 15 points this season and this is despite him joining them just days before the season-opener in Bahrain.

Rather than being jealous of Magnussen’s success, Nikita sees this as the necessary motivation to make a comeback to F1.

“I will get behind the wheel immediately at the first opportunity. Anything is possible,” he said

“Magnussen is in good shape after his break, he has proven himself, and I plan to do exactly the same to repeat his success story.”

Speaking about Schumacher’s lack of success this season, Mazepin said that the “results speak for themselves”. 

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