The technical glitch that shook the Red Bull paddock and almost cost Verstappen victory

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was a very happy man at the end of the Canadian Grand Prix after Max Verstappen held on to take victory in Montreal.

However, things could have panned out very differently, especially based on Horner’s comments that explain a technical problem that Max had to contend with during the last few laps.

With Carlos Sainz applying pressure on Verstappen after the safety car introduction, Verstappen had also lost radio communication with his team.

The poise and calm with which the 24-year-old raced in the last few laps shows just how focused he is to make it back-to-back F1 championships.

Horner was quick to point out that it was far from comfortable in the paddock, despite the cool demeanour in which Verstappen finished off the race to notch his sixth triumph of the campaign.

“It wasn’t very comfortable at all in those last 10 laps or so after that VSC [Virtual Safety Car],” he said.

“Because Max just couldn’t break the DRS [Drag Reduction System] and the Ferrari was very quick on the straight line today. They could attack the kerbs and stay close.

“But not a single mistake.”

Verstappen showed maturity and calmness

Max Verstappen. Credit:
Max Verstappen. Credit:

Horner agreed that Verstappen seemed fine enough even without the radio communication, but hinted that it could have gone awfully wrong.

“We lost communication with the car, or it was only one way traffic,” he said.

“He could hear us, we couldn’t hear him, but I guess he didn’t need to hear us too much!”

Horner reserved a few words for Perez, who was forced to retire early in the race, but is still within touching distance of the reigning champion in the drivers’ standings.

“All credit to Carlos today, he pushed him really, really hard,” Horner said.

“And the strategy wasn’t clear, because we went for that early stop at the first VSC. We felt that that was the best route to the end of the race.

“Then obviously the next VSC came. Carlos got a free stop effectively as well, and he obviously set it up beautifully for the end of the race, and then it was was super tight.”

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