Verstappen issues sarcastic reply to Hamilton – “He really doesn’t know me”

Max Verstappen has issued a sarcastic reply to Lewis Hamilton for his comments.

Hamilton and Verstappen have been title rivals this season, and although there is a healthy dose of respect between them, they do not completely like each other.

In fact, that may have diminished a bit after the Italian GP, where the two drivers crashed into each other and had to retire from the race.

Hamilton, who is a seven-time champion, spoke to the press earlier about Verstappen. He suggested that Verstappen is putting too much expectation on himself, and he wanted to win at any cost.

Verstappen issued a sarcastic reply to Hamilton upon hearing of it, and expressed his disapproval with the comments.

“Yeah, I’m so nervous I can barely sleep. I mean, it’s so horrible to fight for a title. I really hate it,” Verstappen deadpanned, as quoted by the Guardian.

“Those comments, it just shows you that he really doesn’t know me, which is fine. I also don’t need to know him, how he is. I’m very relaxed about all those things and I really can’t be bothered. I’m very chilled.”

Happy to compete

Verstappen is having his best ever season, with the Dutchman leading the WDC before the Russian GP. He has won seven races to Hamilton’s four, and is having a car that is matching the Mercedes.

“It’s the best feeling ever to have a car, a great car, where you go into every weekend and then you can fight for a win,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re just leading a championship or not.”

The age difference between the two drivers is perhaps what led Verstappen to resort to sarcasm to respond. It is also because Verstappen is yet to win his first world title in F1, while Hamilton has clinched it a record seven times.

Therefore, the goal is the same for both drivers, just that the circumstances are way different.

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