Verstappen responds to fans calling him an undeserving champion – “People always remember the last race”

F1 World Champion Max Verstappen responded to fans calling him an undeserving champion, saying he never received the rub of the green.

Verstappen won the world championship having had the season of his life in 2021. The world championship was one thing, but the way he did it was the hallmark of a champion and a seasoned veteran.

However, the way he won the title was shrouded in controversy. Although it was not his fault at all, he benefitted massively from a terrible decision from the authorities and was gift-wrapped the chance to take the win and the title, something he duly did.

Verstappen responded to fans calling him an undeserving champion, saying he too was unlucky during various races.

As quoted by Givemesport, when asked in an interview with The Guardian newspaper whether he felt his championship win came with an asterisk next to it, the Dutchman replied was tainted by events in Abu Dhabi, he said, “Not at all.

“I had a very good season and I think I really deserved it. I have been really unlucky as well.

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Verstappen (right) thanks his title rival. Source:

“People always remember the last race but, if you look at the whole season, the championship should have been decided way earlier.”

The controversy

The sport’s governing body will meet for discussions on their investigation regarding the race at Yas Marina, which saw a breaking of the rules that ended up influencing the result of the world championship.

Everything started when Race Director Michael Masi allowed only a certain number of lapped cars by during the Safety Car restart. It left Lewis Hamilton a sitting duck to Max Verstappen, who otherwise would never have caught him and won the championship.

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