Wolff admits that Mercedes is looking to copy Verstappen’s car design to rescue Hamilton

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said that his team might look to take a page out of Red Bull’s playbook and offer Lewis Hamilton a car very similar to Max Verstappen.

The Canadian Grand Prix can be seen as a mini highlight for a battling Mercedes unit this season as Hamilton ended the race on the podium behind Verstappen and Carlos Sainz.

Youngster George Russell finished just behind Hamilton to take 4th spot. This ensured that he was able to continue his run of a top-5 finish in every race this season.

Hamilton had recently complained of severe back pain during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. This is largely due to the heightened level of porpoising felt by the Mercedes W13 since the regulations were changed at the start of the season.

While Mercedes has tried its best to address this porpoising, the team is still some way off the pace set by Ferrari and Red Bull.

In an interview on Sky Sports, Wolff admitted that they might be looking to copy Verstappen’s car design to offer Hamilton a better chance next season.

“I think before you start on next season, you need to understand what the problem is,” Wolff said.

“I think what was interesting to see here, when you compare the ride height of the cars, [is that] Red Bull has been a massive outlier, it actually has rake again in the car, [whereas] we are on the far end, with a car that’s flat on the ground.

“So you look at the stopwatch, and you know what’s the way to go.”

Can Hamilton find glory at Silverstone?

Lewis Hamilton. Credit: autoweek.com

The British Grand Prix has been a good hunting ground for Hamilton in the past.

He has a record eight wins in fifteen appearances at the British Grand Prix.

Although common sense would not suggest it, it might not be the worst shout for Hamilton to at least end the race with a podium.

His hopes for winning an eighth world championship may have to be put to rest for at least a season, but the British driver will back himself to make a mark in front of his home fans.

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