Toto Wolff called for talks with new FIA president regarding Abu Dhabi

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has been called for talks with the new FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem regarding the Abu Dhabi GP situation.

Ben Sulayem took charge from Jean Todt on 17 December, and his first objective has been righting the wrong of the 2021 season finale. That race saw a highly controversial decision take centre stage, with it influencing the world championship result on the last lap.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who had led the race until then and was on course for an eighth world title, suddenly was a sitting duck to his title rival on new tyres. As soon as the race restarted, he passed the British driver and won the race and the title at his expense.

With Mercedes furious over the incident, Wolff has been called for talks with the new FIA president to discuss what happened that night at Yas Marina, as reported by GP Fans.

Wolff set for Abu Dhabi storm talks with new FIA president
Wolff (pictured) will meet the new president on Friday. Source:

Ben Sulayem claimed that he would take a hands-on approach to overseeing his duties. His first step in this regard would be to meet all the team principals, starting with the Austrian on Friday.

Justice pending

With Hamilton’s future up in the air after the debacle at Abu Dhabi, the pressure is on Ben Sulayem to come up with a solution that not only addresses the mistake made by his team, but also pacifies the currently AWOL seven-time world champion.

Wolff, meanwhile, remained firm that “the right decisions and actions” needed to come from the FIA’s current investigation to ensure that a situation like that never happens again in the sport.

Indeed, as he remarked a month ago, “I have confidence together, all of us together, the teams, the drivers, the FIA and the sport can revamp the way decisions are being made and make the sport stronger.”

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