Zhou crash one of the scariest Russell has ever seen as horrific video footage emerges

A frightening first-lap crash involving Zhou Guanyu on Sunday brought the British Grand Prix to a temporary halt with the safety crews hurrying to the site.

Zhou, the only Chinese Formula One driver, had his car skid upside-down, flying across the gravel trap and spinning on the “halo” for a while before crashing between fencing and a tire barrier at the first corner.

George Russell, one of the drivers involved in the crash, ran towards the tyre barrier to check on Zhou. Russell was hit from behind and was knocked into Zhou.

In his own words, it was “one of the scariest crashes I’ve ever seen”.

Russell was subsequently forced to retire from the race due to a FIA regulation. He was understandably far from happy with the outcome.

Soon, Alfa Romeo radioed Bottas, “Zhou is conscious, he is talking, there are no fractures,” and the FIA confirmed that Zhou had been taken under observation in the medical centre.

Another driver, Alex Albon of Williams, spun into the pitwall as Vettel struck his car in an attempt to avoid the incident involving Zhou.

Sources confirmed that he was transferred by helicopter to Coventry Hospital for a precautionary check.

Protestors fail to make their mark

Silverstone crowd. Credit: espn.com

Meanwhile, following the crash, five activists entered and sat on the track. They belonged to an environmental group called Just Stop Oil, local police confirmed.

F1 issued a statement regrading the attempted protest. “Several people attempted to enter the track,” it read.

“These people were immediately removed and the matter is now being dealt with by the local authorities.”

It is interesting to note that the protestors chose to enter only when the situation seemed safe and not endangering any human lives, as was earlier feared by the police.

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