How to bet on the English Premier League

The English Premier League remains one of the biggest leagues in the world. It is fascinating to watch, and betting on it can double the fun. If you are new to betting, you may need to know some things before going headfirst into it.

As you read on, we will review it step by step on how you can bet on the English Premier League.

What are the steps you need to follow?

Before you proceed, you must have a good knowledge of football before betting on it. Understanding how the game works is fundamental, and you cannot afford to overlook it. If you know how football works, you can go on with the next steps.

Create a bookmaker account

You need a sportsbook before placing any wager on the English Premier League. There are so many online bookies that you can choose from based on your preference. We would advise that you go for one that has good offers and very similar to William Hill promotions. You can enjoy bonuses and incentives that allow you to win more with less money.

Select the English Premier League game 

EPL games normally take place on weekends, except on some special occasions. Although the time may vary, most bookies shortlist the games an average of 72 hours before kickoff. If you like to wager pre-match, you may want to do some analysis before making your picks.

You can also use this period to compare odds among top sportsbooks. The moment before the game starts is best for decision-making because you are void of emotions. The only exception is if you prefer in-play betting.

Specify your betting options and place your bets

Your betting option is a huge determining factor of the odds and your profits. You may stick with simple moneyline wagers for selecting the potential winner, but the odds may not be as high as other options.

The simplest option is the single bet which implies wagering on only one match. If you want to go bigger, you can use an accumulator. Accumulator allows you to choose multiple matches on the same ticket. Players like it because it combines all the odds, resulting in a bigger payout. The only catch is that if one of your picks loses, the accumulator is a loss. So every game must come in your favor before you can win.

After specifying your betting options and matches, specify the amount of money you want to stake. Remember not to stake what you can’t afford to lose. The final step is to confirm and place your wagers.

If you prefer live betting, also known as in-play betting, then you need to wait for the match to begin. In-play odds are subject to fluctuations based on the run of play. It is also not uncommon to see brief delays while executing in-play wagers.

Is the English Premier League the best league to bet on?

Every punter has preferences, so we cannot make direct betting decisions for you. However, you should know that statistically, the English Premier League is the most popular football league globally. 

Due to its popularity, you could easily find betting information to aid your decisions. You will find tips, stats, and other extensive details to help your prediction. It makes the English Premier League one of the best leagues you can bet on.


It is no debate that all eyes are on the EPL. Many are looking to join in on the betting action but don’t know how to start. Our guide provided the blueprint in the most simple way for anyone to interpret. Once you understand it, nothing is holding you back.

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