“I’m gonna slam you like I did my student:” Tony Ferguson warns Dariush Beneil ahead of UFC 262

Following the conclusion of the UFC 262 pre-fight conference, the MMA crowd was full of confusion after Tony Ferguson made a statement criticising Beneil Dariush.

Tony criticised Beneil for training with Ferguson’s rival Justin Gaethje. Beneil had trained and helped Justin for his UFC interim lightweight title fight against Ferguson at UFC 249.

Ferguson set off a verbal fight at the press conference between the two. ‘El Cucuy’ warned Dariush and said, “I have nothing against you, but seriously, my punches are gonna f**king starch your a**. I’m gonna knock you out. I’m gonna knock you out, kid.

“I don’t care who; how many f**king Ultimate Fighter f**king people you have over there at UFC, what’s that, King’s MMA? Look at King’s MMA.

“You have how many UFC fighters training with you? It was the same thing on The Ultimate Fighter when they all went against me. You know what the f**k happened with that one.”

He continued, “Basically, it says you can’t bring anybody inside that octagon with you, kid. You think you f**king know me. You wanna do spinning sh** and everything else like that. You think I’m unorthodox? Kid, I’m gonna hit you so f**king hard. That’s it.

“I’m gonna f**king slam you. I’m gonna slam you. I’m gonna slam you. I’m gonna slam you. I’m gonna slam you,” Ferguson repeated.

“I’m gonna slam you like I did my student. I broke his f**king rib.”

In response to Tony Ferguson’s ‘student’ comment, Beneil Dariush fired back.

“Well, that’s a di** move, bud. Why would you do that to your own student?”

Tony Ferguson replied, “Because he made me do it.”

What will be the outcome of the much awaited Ferguson vs. Dariush bout? Let us know your thoughts on it by commenting down!

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