“I’ve let go of the dream”: Diego Sanchez bids farewell to UFC after 16-year career

Diego Sanchez could not get to leave UFC on his own terms, but is just pleased to finally be out. Less than 24 hours ago, it was revealed that Sanchez would not be fighting his ‘farewell bout’ against Donald Cerrone. Following that, it has been confirmed that he will indeed be quitting the sport for good.

Sanchez had hinted of his release in an Instagram story by proclaiming that he is ‘free at last’. This was then followed by MMA News confirming that they have severed their 16-year tie with the fighter.

Sanchez surely belongs to the UFC Hall of Fame as the original Ultimate Fighter with a career that lasted for more than a decade-and-a-half.

Fans have watched the fighter grow right before their eyes after he began with his TUF run back when he was a 23-year-old. After winning the first season of TUF, Sanchez managed to claim seven ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses throughout his career.

He is also known to have won over Nick Diaz, Kenny Florian, Clay Guida, and Takanori Gomi, among others.

Even though the 36-year-old had an amazing career, all he wanted was to be titled a UFC Champion.

“I’ve let go of the dream of becoming a UFC champion that I held in my heart my whole life,” Sanchez said last year.

“I just want an OG fight. I want an OG that’s already come from wins and losses and had experience. Experience, that’s it.

“That’s the untold story of the warrior of the UFC. And I’m the one that’s ending this book, because I was the one who started this sh*t when the UFC was $40 million in debt and The Ultimate Fighter was an explosion,” he concluded.

Sanchez also made it clear to various promotions that his services are available through his Instagram story.

So even though this marks the end of his career with UFC, we can be sure that the athlete is not bidding goodbye to the sport.

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