James Hunt: A legacy that lives on even after 28 years

1976 world champion James Hunt was one of Formula 1’s greatest drivers who left us today 28 years ago. Yet he continues to live in our memories.

Hunt represents a by-gone era in Formula 1 when racing was a lot more dangerous as compared to today.

The British driver scored his first victory at Zandvoort in 1975. This was after a nail-biting battle with Ferrari’s Niki Lauda.

Left F1 after Monaco GP

James Hunt; Source: formula1.com

After the Monaco Grand Prix in 1979, Hunt decided to call it quits from Formula 1 and walked away to pursue other interests.

Following his exit, he became a media commentator and a businessman.

On the morning of 15 June 1993, Hunt died in his sleep of a heart attack.

Post-death party

Hunt in action; Source: formula1.com

After his death, it was revealed that James had set aside funds through his will for one last party for all his close friends.

He even gave specific instructions regarding the dress code and other key aspects so that the attendants would have a great time.

After 28 years of his passing, James Hunt lives on in our hearts as a free-spirited man.

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