“My wife says I spend more time with Max than her”: Verstappen is keeping someone very busy

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has had a new personal trainer in Brad Scanes over the past year. The two have spent a lot of time together working on Verstappen’s strength and conditioning during the off-season.

Even during the season, Scanes can be seen many times with Verstappen. He opened up on his equation with the young Dutchman, and how he enables him to achieve optimum fitness leading into race-day.

Also a physiotherapist, Scanes enjoys a hands-on role with Verstappen as well, quite literally. In many ways, he is like Verstappen’s personal assistant and looks after every tiny detail in the driver’s professional life.

“My wife says I spend more time with Max than with her,” he said. 

With respect to preparations, Scanes claimed that the pandemic has only come as a blessing as it means fewer commitments and far less traveling.  

“Because there was a lot less travel and fewer media commitments, we were able to spend a lot of time on pre-season training. Normally we wouldn’t have had that time,” said Scanes.

“Therefore, we can start the season while Max is probably in his best shape ever.”

While the bulk of the hard-work takes place before the season begins, Scanes said it is imperative that he ensures Verstappen is able to maintain his form and builds on any momentum he can find.

While Formula 1 drivers put in a lot of hours on strengthening their neck muscles, Scanes explained that cardio training takes precedence during the season, especially ahead of races in hotter climates.

“Three weeks before a hot race we will also train in a hot climate, to prepare him for a hot car,” Scanes said.

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