“I learned a lot from Vettel in this respect”: Leclerc on what has gone missing since Seb exit

Formula 1 drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel spent two years as teammates at Ferrari. Although things were not rosy throughout the time period, they did enjoy a good rapport with each other for the majority of this tenure.

Vettel was often seen helping in terms of Leclerc’s development as a driver and it goes without saying that the Monegasque soaked in all the advice he possibly could.

“His experience was key. In certain situations he had great analytical skills, and I think I learned a lot from Seb in this respect.

“I realised that the importance he gave to some details in the end made a big difference on the track, it was very interesting for me to evaluate these aspects.”

The 2021 season has presented a new challenge for both drivers. While Leclerc will be keen to build on his growing reputation, it seems like damage limitation as far as Vettel is concerned.

In terms of the guys they are paired with, Vettel again finds himself with a relative youngster in Lance Stroll. His role of mentoring the newbie is unlikely to diminish as a result.

Leclerc, meanwhile, will have his hands full as he looks to contend with the pace and skill of new Ferrari recruit Carlos Sainz.

Sainz will need to contend with the fact that Ferrari is building Leclerc up to be its main driver for the next few years. Leclerc himself has said that he cannot fathom moving to any other team.

This could create friction between the two, but more than that, for all the years that Sainz has spent in the sport, his experience and technical know-how is far inferior to that of Vettel.

The fact that Vettel is extremely detail-oriented is known across the grid and the insight that he was able to offer Leclerc over the past two years will be missing this season.

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