“Not so confident on that”: Norris believes Spanish GP track revision will make job much tougher

Lando Norris has had an almost picture perfect debut in Formula 1. A podium and two top-5 finishes has the Brit stand at a magnificent P3 position in the drivers’ standings.

As Formula 1 moves to Spain this weekend, Norris has hopes of increasing the points between him and Sergio Perez who stands at P4.

The McLaren driver has revealed in an interview that the it is going to be difficult to overtake on the Circuit de Catalunya, the home of the Spanish Grand Prix.

To increase the challenge, the circuit has made some changes on the most difficult turn 10 by opening itself for a higher apex speed. Norris feels that this change will make overtaking difficult on an already strict circuit.

“I don’t know what that new turn is like. I’m not so confident on that. It looks a bit of a weird corner. I don’t know how much better or worse it would make the racing. I’m sure they won’t be very easy corners to follow in Formula 1 cars,” he said.

The McLaren driver further adds that the Circuit de Catalunya is already a difficult circuit when it comes to overtaking and a wider turn 10 will mean one less opportunity to overtake.

“Turn 10 was probably the only overtaking opportunity apart from turn one and there’s not as much of a big braking zone now,” he explained.

On the other hand Pierre Gasly has been in favor of these new changes.

“I think it’s better with the high speed, always. Especially with these cars. Especially with this car. You feel more at the limit, you get more adrenaline and it would be nice thing to change a bit this last, low speed corner,” he said.

Lando Norris is currently in high spirits after his last three performances. He will have a lot more pressure during the Spanish GP.

Can the Brit manage to score a podium? Let us know in the comments below!

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