Ranking the best EFL League One final games

EFL League One is home to the best games that English football has ever seen. The success that the league had in terms of intense matches and high-scoring games proved to be a sight to behold for a lot of punters who also support their favourite clubs at the same time.

Football is known to be a game where anything is possible. No safe leads can be hidden away from the team that knows how to grind hard and force a win. League One is home to these kinds of games and that is why it continues to remain relevant even up to this moment.

So far, it is also the same reason why there are a lot of punters who still continue to go for in-play England football betting. Aside from the fact that they can enjoy their favourite teams going off and fighting for their season, the intense feel of these matches also says a lot about the winning chances you can get in betting.

Here are the top EFL League One playoff games:

Blackpool vs Lincoln City

Blackpool’s huge win over Lincoln City in the final of the 2021-22 season proved to be one of the biggest games to remember for a lot of fans out there. The late comeback win was as stunning as it could get after that huge first-minute stunner by Ollie Turton.

Kenny Dougall scored two goals in both halves to ensure the comeback win and push Blackpool to the Championship. This was a huge story for the club as it cemented their place in League One history as well.

Wycombe Wanderers vs Oxford United

The Wycombe Wanderers were locked in a 1-1 deadlock for more than 20 minutes after a huge goal from Oxford’s Mark Sykes in the 57th minute. There was a huge drought after that. Both clubs failed to come up with a good look on opposing nets and could not break the tie.

Joseph Jacobson was fouled by Oxford in the 79th minute, and that’s when he got a chance at a penalty kick that was just too easy for him to make. That gave Wycombe the lead and the squad managed to hold on for the closing minutes of the game, ensuring their promotion to the Championship for the 2021 run.

Charlton Athletic vs Sunderland

Charlton clawed their way back from a 0-1 hole after Mouhamadou-Naby Sarr’s own goal in the fifth minute. Goals from Ben Purrington and Patrick Bauer ensured the comeback win by the 94th minute, which only shows how much they have improved over the course of the season.

That winning goal by Bauer closed out the game for good, and they were celebrating well at the end of the match knowing they pulled off some of the best comebacks in the 2018-19 season.

Rotherham United vs Shrewsbury Town

Rotherham’s big win over Shrewsbury proved to be a fun delight for fans while it lasted. It is one of the finals that needed extra time to finish. Richard Wood’s double for United was a masterpiece of his career, and he capped that off with a winning shot in the 103rd minute of the game.

Rotherham United finished 22nd in the 2018-19 EFL Championship, 4 points from safety and having conceded the most goals in the division. They were soon sent back to League One by the end of that run.

Millwall vs Bradford City

A lot of in-play England football betting wagers were made on this game as Millwall fans were really keen to see a big win en route to the Championship. This big win in the 2016-17 season proved that Millwall deserved its chance to shine in League One with a strong finish with Steven Morison’s closing goal that delivered the winning punch in the 85th minute.

League One has been all about the biggest battles for teams who want to move up in the ranks and get a shot at the higher stage of the sport. After all, this is the chance for teams to improve and somehow show that they have what it takes to win with a play-off game as well.

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