Tsitsipas backs Djokovic on vaccination stance – “I respect his choice”

Stefanos Tsitsipas backed Novak Djokovic on his vaccination stance, saying that he understands his choices regarding the jab.

Djokovic finds himself in a bit of a pickle thanks to his idea of getting vaccinated. The upcoming Australian Open has been very particular regarding players getting vaccinated, and are only admitting those who are.

The World No. 1 wants to participate in a bid to win a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title. However, his views clash with that of the tournament authorities’, putting them at an impasse.

Tsitsipas backed Djokovic on his vaccination stance, saying that medical decisions are entirely up to the person making them.

As quoted by Tennis World USA, the World No. 4 said, “It is his choice, I respect it.

“Everyone has the freedom to decide. I will go to Australia.

“I don’t promote vaccination, but I’m not even against it. I support anyone who wants to do it. I am not a doctor, I am an athlete and my outlook may not be the best when it comes to medicine. I will be vaccinated this year. I do it to have a normal life.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas on Novak Djokovic vaccine situation: I respect his choice
Tsitsipas (left) is supportive of Djokovic (right). Source: tennisworldusa.org

Back again

Tsitsipas also provided an update on his elbow injury, and said that he will be back in action very soon.

“My elbow is fantastic. I am sure I will be 100% back,” he continued.  

“The goal is definitely to go even higher. I hope the preparation goes well and that the new year will be three times better than this season.

“In Paris the pain was unbearable so I had to quit from that game, I’ve never retired in a match – it was very painful for me to let the crowd down and not play that match.

“But, I had to, it was for my safety, my well-being, and I don’t regret doing that.”

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