Track-side footage shows the brutality of Max Verstappen’s crash in Silverstone

With two days passed after the British Grand Prix, the dust is finally beginning to settle down in what was a highly chaotic race.

F1 Driver championship protagonists, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had a massive crash during lap 1 which ended the Dutchman’s race with him leaving on a stretcher.

Fortunately, Max is now okay despite taking a hit to himself, his car, and his points.

Video emerges from grandstands

While there is no official media at the high-speed Copse corner, a video from the grandstands has emerged showing the extent of the crash.

The seriousness of the impact was clear the moment Verstappen emerged from his beaten down Red Bull, facing difficulty in finding his feet.

The 51G crash was immense as the video shows hats flying and umbrellas shaking as F1 fans stood up in fear.

Miraculously, Verstappen limped out of the car and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Hamilton vs Verstappen

The current rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen is being compared to some fierce battles in F1 history. This includes Prost and Senna, and Schumacher and Hill.

The battle in Silverstone was just a form of generational warfare.

“It takes two to tango, and these two are not giving each other an inch,” Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff stated about the two drivers.

With the next race set for Hungary, the two drivers will meet once again on the track to battle it out.

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