“We have been asked by F1”: Porsche could enter F1 in 2025

Liberty Media has done its best to increase the commercial viability of Formula 1 since taking over from Bernie Ecclestone.

The decision to provide a reduction in costs for new entrants in the sport following 2025 was made with the view of attracting more teams to the sport.

The Volkswagen group is believed to be interested in this project and could launch either Audi or Porsche. The CEO of Porsche has recently gone on record to say that F1 has contacted him over the possibility of Porsche entering the grid in 2025.

“We have been called and asked by F1 and the VW Group if we are interested in racing,” he said.

“No decision has been taken. But it is being studied, although it is not known whether with the Audi or Porsche brand, and everything will depend on the new rules for 2025,” he said.

Porsche features in a host of racing competitions such as Le Mans and Daytona. They also compete in the Formula E.

It is still unkown exactly how they would go about this entry with respect to other championships such as F2 and F3.

Porsche will make a decision on whether it wants to join Formula 1 based on the 2025 regulations. Till then, they will focus on other racing series.

“Until then we are focused on Touring Cars, the WEC, where we have a new prototype to try to win IMSA, Le Mans, Sebring, and Daytona, and continue with Formula E,” he said.

Other moves made by the F1 hierarchy may also facilitate Porsche’s entry into the sport. The fact that there is a plan in place to use fully sustainable fuel is undoubtedly going to act as a big factor in attracting big names.

It is also believed that they are looking to set high standard rules in power units. This could, therefore, prove to be an exciting option for the likes of Porsche or Audi.

It will be interesting to see what impact these regulations will have and whether Porsche does indeed decide to make a foray into this series.

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