Adrian Newey explains how Mercedes tried to “hurt” Red Bull despite common flaw in other teams

Red Bull CTO Adrian Newey has explained how Mercedes showed up and hurt them this season.

Red Bull is taking more Ls than the start of the F1 season after the last two races. They have two damaged cars, need new engines and have to deal with the FIA’s stance on their wings. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton had pointed the nature of Red Bull’s wings to the FIA, and they addressed it afterwards.

Newey addressed the issue of the wings and gave his thoughts on it. He commented that it was strange Mercedes was only focusing on Red Bull when Alfa Romeo and Ferrari were using the exact same equipment. He said Mercedes just showed up and hurt Red Bull.

Adrian Newey OBE
Adrian Newey (pictured) thinks Mercedes are trying to hurt Red Bull. Source:

“We certainly weren’t the only team to have that issue but of course, when Mercedes started making noise about it, they were only worried about whether we were getting a benefit, which we really weren’t,” Newey said.

“There was a cost implication to changing that part which obviously hurt. It is, however, a great testament to the depth of our team that we can respond to changes and is a great example of when our team is put in a corner we can come out fighting and continue to be just as competitive,” he said.


Newey is duly backed by Christian Horner, who was another advocate for keeping the parts. He was not impressed with the FIA’s new rules, and suggested that infinite rigidness on wings was not the way.

“To think that everybody’s aerodynamic surface was completely rigid would be a fallacy,” Horner said.

“On every single car on the grid, it’s just not the case. You can visibly see that,” he concluded.

Red Bull have a lot on their plate at the moment, but they will have to sort it out fast. With the second half of the season approaching fast, they will have to bounce back and maintain their form to try and win everything from Mercedes.

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