“Alone in this fight”: Verstappen bemoans lack of support from Perez in battle against Hamilton

By the end of the Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen had to settle for second place after losing out to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

After a bold move in the first corner during the start of the race, Verstappen took the lead which he held on to for a long time. But towards the end, he was overtaken by Hamilton.

“The start was fine. Everything went well. Of course, the last one to brake is the first out of the corner,” said Verstappen.

“I went for it, because I knew it would be difficult otherwise. I did everything I could to stay ahead, but we were just too slow today.

“It was a calculated risk,” Verstappen said. 

“I go harder into that corner, and then at a certain point you have to give up if you are on the outside. After that I tried to drive the race as best I could, but we were just slower and our tyres wear out more.

“I’m also just alone in this fight. They can easily make a second stop because there’s a gap behind them. Of course, that doesn’t help either.”

At this point, the interviewer asks the Dutchman if Sergio Perez should do more to which he has a firm reply.

“Then at least they can’t make that second stop and then it’s just towards the end who has the best tyres left. It’s like that though.”

Verstappen also revealed that it would not have mattered considering the fact that Mercedes was simply faster.

“On soft tyres, you could already see that, but you have to manage that more. On the medium, you can pedal more, and there you could really see that we didn’t have the speed today,” he concluded.

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