Don’t do it: Former F1 driver warns Hamilton of ‘massive sense of underachievement’

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been vocal about the fact that retirement from the sport is a realistic option for him.

He has stated enough times in the past that he has various other interests. these are mostly linked to the entertainment industry, namely fashion and music.

He even posted a video on Instagram recently where he was singing and received a lot of plaudits from his fans.

However, former F1 driver David Coulthard doesn’t believe Hamilton has much of a shot there.

Coulthard said that Hamilton should be ready to be disappointed if he altered his current career path and quit the sport.

He said that Hamilton has been so successful in his domain that he may struggle in a field where he is not one of the best in the business.

“He is used to, through his efforts, been able to influence success. No matter how good he is at producing music or how good he is at designing clothes, it’s the paying customer that will decide whether that is financially successful or not,” Coulthard said.

“So, that’s a huge disconnect if doing something for an end goal result is part of what we all do in life, isn’t it? In a sense of achievement, he may actually feel a massive sense of underachievement, even though he is producing great stuff.”

Coulthard said that he does not believe Hamilton will be able to compete against so many supremely talented people in the music and fashion industry.

It only makes sense, therefore, for Hamilton to continue in the sport for as long as he can. That is the assessment of Coulthard.

“There’s a lot of music out there, a lot of brilliant music and historic music,” he said. 

“And clothing likewise. You know, trends come and go. Motor racing is what he does better than most people on this planet.

“I agree with Mark [Webber] that you go as long as you can. But there will definitely be a moment where wakes up and goes, ‘I don’t feel like racing anymore’. And once the love’s gone, it’s time to move on.”

Do you believe Hamilton should explore his options or is he best suited to life on the grid? Let us know in the comments section below!

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