F1 Journalist reveals that Lewis Hamilton spoke to Max Verstappen following Silverstone controversy

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have become the central topic of conversation following the race at the British Grand Prix.

Currently, both drivers are separated by a mere 8 points with Verstappen in the lead.

However, the two of them have been divided by their intense rivalry, especially after the race in Silverstone.

What happened in Silverstone?

While the two of them started the race alongside each other, Max ended up crashing out after contact with Hamilton in the very first lap of the race.

Hamilton was awarded a 10-second time penalty but still went on the win the race at his home circuit.

His post-race celebrations raised eyebrows considering Verstappen was taken to the hospital following the crash.

Several F1 pundits have suggested that incidents like this can take place again. Former champion Jenson Button also suggested that the two drivers need to talk it out before things get worse.

Dutch journalist Jack Plooij has revealed that both drivers did speak to each other ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Both drivers had a telephonic conversation

Along with other critics, Verstappen too was not okay with the way Hamilton celebrated his victory. Although as the paddock heads to Hungary, both drivers are talking to each other yet again.

Ziggo Sport journalist Jack Plooij has confirmed this news.

“Yeah, as far as I’ve heard, he phoned him,” he said.

“The hardest issue of that Sunday was Lewis was celebrating and Max was in the hospital,” said Plooij. “That hurt the Verstappens too much.

“And Lewis wasn’t far from me. I said to him, ‘Max is in the hospital’. And then he looked to his left, where Rosa was standing. ‘The hospital?’

“I had a little bit of a sense that maybe Lewis wasn’t exactly informed how the situation at that moment was. I don’t know for sure, but that makes a little bit of sense,” he added.

Verstappen entering Hungary with more motivation

Plooij also mentioned that Max is a lot more motivated heading into Hungary. He also stated that the Dutchman has his focus only on the track rather than other elements.

“Only on track. A really motivated Max to beat Lewis on track and that’s it. Not verbally or whatever,” he said.

The last three races at Hungaroring were won by Hamilton. However, we can expect Max to bring out his top form.

Who do you think will claim victory in Hungary?

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