F1’s 2022 regulations “difficult to understand” – Piero Ferrari

F1’s 2022 regulations are “difficult to understand”, according to Piero Ferrari, the son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari.

2022 will see new regulations introduced into the sport. There will be changes made to the aerodynamic rules, meaning cars will be able to do wheel-to-wheel-racing and overtaking more often and with greater ease.

As a result, it was predicted that there would be very intense and close racing in the upcoming season. The midfield and the rear end will be able to take the fight to the top teams, at least on paper.

However, according to Piero, the 2022 regulations were “difficult to understand” for the layperson.

“I tell them that it is like Masterchef,” he smiled while speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, as quoted by grandpx.news.

“They gave us the ingredients and then there are people who cook a delicious dish and some who cook ones that are less delicious. But I insist that the rules have not been modified – they have been rewritten.

The 2022 Ferrari will soon be unleashed upon the tracks of the world. Source: grandpx.news

“Yes, I read them, but I admit that it was difficult for me to understand.”

Bubbling excitement

“I saw the model in the wind tunnel,” he revealed, referring to the 2022 Ferrari car that will be called F1-75 in a nod to the founder’s first Ferrari in 1947.

“What caught my attention? Let’s wait until the 17th to find out.”

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz also commented on the new car and its many new traits, saying it was a different beast to the one he drove last season.

“I’ve seen a lot of PowerPoint presentations and the car in the wind tunnel,” the Spaniard said.

“The 2022 car is completely different from the ones we’ve seen in the last few years. I can’t wait to show it to the Tifosi.

“Right now it’s like we have a secret, but I want to show everyone as soon as possible.”

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