Haas ‘naturally optimistic’ about potential of 2022 challenger

Haas commented on their new car’s potential, saying it is a precursor for their new season.

Haas became the first team to unveil their 2022 car, with the VF-22 debuting a few days ago. It is their most complex car to date, and there is a lot riding on it. The hit rock-bottom in 2021, having had one of the most embarrassing seasons in recent memory. They scored exactly zero points last season, and were considerably slower than the rest of the grid.

With 2022 seeing new regulations implemented into the sport, every team gets a clean slate. The American outfit could really use one given the terrible season they had, and their aim to return to the midfield could become a reality.

After their launch, Haas commented on their new car’s potential, saying they were optimistic they had built a winner.

“It’s that time of year where you’re naturally optimistic that the hard work and effort of everyone will translate to a competitive entry on track,” team owner Gene Haas said, as quoted by Car Scoops.

Haas (pictured) have unveiled their car for 2022. Source: Getty Images

“We made the decision back in 2020 to really channel time and resources into the VF-22, foregoing anything track-related for 2021 – which wasn’t easy to watch.

“Hopefully that decision bears fruit and we return to challenging for points and taking something from the weekends.”

Next to join the party

Haas were the first team to show the world their machinery for the 2022 season. The rest of the teams will follow their lead, with every outfit except Williams Racing confirming dates in February.

Red Bull will unveil their car by 9 February, followed by Aston Martin on the 10th, McLaren on the 11th and AlphaTauri on the 14th.

They will be joined by Ferrari on the 17th, Mercedes on the 18th, Alpine on the 22nd and Alfa Romeo on the 27th. Williams will confirm their date soon.

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