Mercedes owned by Schumacher falls well short of expectations

A Mercedes owned by legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher bombed at a recent auction and went for a much lower price than projected.

Schumacher is symbolic with racing. and has raced in many fast cars. He also owned some super cool cars, including a bespoke C63 AMG Estate.

The car was handed to the seven-time champion upon his return to F1 with Mercedes. It was auctioned at Bonhams’ recent Les Grandes Marques du Monde (‘The World’s Leading Brands’) auction in Paris.

However, the Mercedes owned by Schumacher bombed at the caution, going for way less than the $110,000 it was projected to generate.

The C63 was sold for $31,600, which was far from a satisfactory price. It was made worse by the fact that it was the standard price for a used model of the car despite Schumacher’s name attached it.

Michael Schumacher Mercedes C63 AMG Estate. Paris February 2022.
The Mercedes C63 AMG Estate is a great car to buy. Source:

It is however a bang-for-buck deal for whoever bought it, as they would be getting a monstrous 457 bhp 6.2-litre eight-cylinder engine. It does the 0-60 mph dash in just 4.6 seconds.C63 AMAG

Interest spike

However, another Schumacher-touched car went for a lot of money. The Tesla Roadster driven by the former Ferrari driver was sold for $158,000 on the day. This was the same car Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel used to win the Nations Cup.

Schumacher’s Mercedes, however, was the biggest shock of the auction. However, it was not the first time a piece of World Champion memorabilia did not sell for as much as predicted. Fernando Alonso’s Renault R24 chassis, for example, went for way less than the projected price.

The estimated had predicted that the 2004 piece of machinery could have went under the hammer for up to £385,000. However, it went for a paltry £217,000.

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